coиfroиt this coиfrontatioи
deep iиto the abyss of Էime

PANTERNOISE is a multidisciplinary artist.

DJ, producer, singer and ballet dancer based in Berlin.

PANTERNOISE is a cult alchemist weaving 90s underground techno with contemporary hard tech, a witch whose magic sounds are a fractal universe of industrial techno mixed with dark-/new-/ minimal-wave influences. Since 2020 xhe has refined xher signature sonic sound: PANTERNOISE

Xhe invites you to wander with xher through dimensions, to experience a synergy of trippy and ethereal voices.
Grating harsh baselines transport the listener into a mind-bending realm, stretching deep into the abyss beyond time and space. Think ballet poses to beats in the beyond yonder. Xhe continues to push the boundaries of sound and technology, always striving to create something truly unique and transcendent.

After being gifted xher first keyboard, PANTERNOISE’s flame for music was ignited. In xher later years, this love affair evolved into a seemingly endless exploration of vinyl, mastering analogue synthesizers and two band projects.

This composition style is consistent in PANTERNOISE´s DJ mixes. An alchemy of hard techno with energetic tribal grooves on dark EBM /industrial /noise, weaving xher own personal magic and aesthetics in. Bodytechno. PANTERCORE.